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Ft. Myers

Dave Parmelee

8945 College Parkway
Fort Myers
FL - Florida 33919

Dave Parmelee -- Dave has been in the photography industry for well over a decade. Arriving in Fort Myers, FL from West Palm Beach six years ago, he holds a strong passion for portraiture.’s light-hearted personality, coupled with his incredible patience, makes him both amazing to work with and to watch in his element.his spare time, Dave is an avid windsurfer and water-sports enthusiast, and has a secret love for the old-school, stand-up style also quite the automotive guru, and is currently building his own street-legal roadster, The Stalker, out of his custom home garage. He drives this slick yellow and chrome ride to the studio nearly every day, and always catches a handful of second looks on the way. Want to see Dave’s hotrod? Ask him to drive it to your session! In school, Dave studied aerospace and achieved a commercial Instrument pilot license, and also became a certified flight instructor.holds a deep-seated love for photography, and an ultimate respect for his clients. If you’re seeking a unique blend of the traditional and the artistic, look no further- Dave Parmelee is your photographer

Dave Parmelee, Photographer

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